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Student guide, from A to Z

Access cards, Bulletin boards, Booked computer rooms, Cheating, Choice of courses, Computer accounts, Computer assistants, Computer rooms, Copying machines, Course material, Course material room, Course questionnaires and course analysis, Delfi, Directors of studies, Educational group, Error reports, Extra examination, Hand in lab reports etc., ID card, Ladok, Limited participation, Locked doors, Mina sidor, NADA calendar, Numero, Old exams, Pick up corrected lab reports etc., Post box, Registration on a course, Res, Semester registration, Sima manager, Student office, Suggestions, Teachers, Work environment in computer rooms, Written exams
The Swedish version is more complete.

Access cards

To get into the computer rooms you must have an access card that has been correctly activated. Activation is in most cases done automatically. If you have problems check at the Delfi page

Assigning for exams

See exams.

Bulletin boards

There are bulletin boards west of the stairs in the E house (Osquars backe 2) on floor 3. There is a space for each corse where results from exams, sign-up sheets for labs etc. are posted. In the same place there is also a bulletin board with general information on NADA courses.

Booked computer rooms

When a computer room is booked the students attending the course which the room is booked for have the right to use all computers in the room. If you are using a computer in the room and are asked to leave it, you must do it promptly. If all computers are not needed, it is usally OK to use those that are not needed. Bokings.

Students can not book computers in NADA computer rooms.


Cheating, code of honor

To make clear what is considered cheating and what is considered fair cooperation between students NADA has established a code of honor.

Choice of courses

If you want to take an elective course you must first apply for it at your student councellor. NADA will then OK this choice, unless it is one of our few courses with limited participation and it is full.

Computer accounts

Everyone who gets a computer account at NADA also signs a sheet stating his/her responsibilities. The following rules apply: KTH rules for computer usage and for Web pages, and NADA rules

Computer assistants

Between the computer rooms Gul and Gršn at Osquars backe 2, floor 4 there is an assistant at certain times. He/she can answer questions on Unix, basic programming etc. But he/she can not answer questions specific to a certain course or a certain lab assignment. There is a web page where information on hours, names etc. can be found.


Computer rooms

NADA computer rooms are located at Osquars backe 2, floor 4 (rooms Röd, Orange, Gul, Grön, Brun) and Lindstedtsv. 5 floor 4 (rooms Voljären, Akvariet, Simplex, Duplex).

On most NADA couses (except for D, E, M, S, Media and SU) the rooms Röd, Orange, Gul, Grön and Brun are used. Students on D and SU have access to Voljären and Akvariet. Students on Media och the specializations Publishing technology and AFM have access to Simplex and Duplex.

Sometimes the rooms are booked.

For some courses NADA rents computer rooms from other programs.

The comuter rooms at Osquars backe 2, floor 5 (rooms Grå, Karmosin, Vit, Magenta, Violett, Turkos) and Lindstedtsv. 5 floor 5 (rooms Spelhallen, Sporthallen, Musiksalen, Konsthallen, Matsalen) belong to the D-program. They are used by the D students and the SU students for courses and individual work like work on lab assignments, e-mail, report writing, and information search. They are also rented by NADA for use for some courses.

Other programs at KTH have computer rooms at other places at KTH

Between the rooms Gul and Grön is the room for the computer assistants.


Copying machines

There are copying machines at the KTH info center, at the KTH library and at the student union. The copying machines at NADA are for the employees at NADA.

Course material

For many courses some course material in the form of e.g. articles and guides are sold at the NADA student office. The price is based on the copying costs. NADA does not rebuy the material and does not sell parts of the material for a course. The course-PM and lab assignments are free of charge

Course material room at the student office

Outside of the NADA student office, Osquars backe 2, floor 2, there is a course material room. It is open Monday-Friday 9-17 during the semesters.

In the course material room the students can find course material that can be handed out during the lectures (if it is not found on the web), hand in solutions to assignments, pick up corrected reports etc.

There is one shelf for picking up material. There is one box for each course. There is also a shelf for handing in material.

Please note that boxes belonging to courses given now are on different shelves from courses that are given at other times of the year.

Please follow the instructions from your teacher.

Outside of the material room there is a post box.

Course questionnaires and course analysis

KTH has a rule stating that the teacher should make a course analysis for each course. It should contain some basic facts about the course, what the teacher and what he/she wants to change for next year. What the students think of the course is another important point. That is why most teachers ask the students to fill out a questionnaire. This is usually done on the web. Please try to answer it although it is usually in Swedish.

The course analyses are put on the course home page on the web.



Delfi is the help desk of the NADA system group. Delfi has its own web site.

Directors of studies

NADA has several directors of studies. Viggo Kann is the main director and also in charge of courses in computer science. Ann Lantz is in charge of courses in human-computer interaction and media technology. And Lennart Edsberg is in charge of courses in numerical analysis. More information is found on the study director page.


Educational group

In the educational group at NADA principal questions concerning the undergraduate education at NADA are discussed. There are two student representatives. There is more to read on the work of the group.

Errors and malfunctioning

Malfunctioning computer equipment
Error reports concerning computer equipment and other equipment in the computer rooms should be reported by a web form for error reports or to the e-mail address Try to describe the error thouroughly. Please put a sign on the equipment stating that it has been error reported.

Malfunctioning of the premises
Malfunctioning lights, windows, toilets etc should be reported according to KTH directions.


Extra examination

Written exams
Normally there is an exam at the end of the course and two re-exams each year. One of the re-exams is given in August. KTH has decided on certain rules for when a student can ask for extra examination, see the KTH handbook. NADA follows these rules.

Lab assignments and similar forms of examination
Lab assignments normally aim att giving the students practice at certain things in the course, which implies that they should be done during the course. In some courses, e.g. project courses, it is not possible to carry through and be examined on lab work except during the course. But on most courses the teacher offers one or a few chances to be examined on the lab work after the course is finished. Students who are not examined before next year's course starts are usually obliged to do the lab work together with next year's students and with the assignments of the next year. The reasons for this are: the subjects taught at NADA are very dynamic. It must be possible to change lab assignments. Teachers may also change and it is not reasonable that a new teacher should have to make examinations on old assignments. The tools for the lab work also change and may not be available. A lab course usually consists of several lab assignments, where the number may change between years.

On courses that are no longer given
NADA applies the rules of KTH to be found in the KTH handbook. These rules do not give the students any rights to be examined on lab assignments and similar on courses that are no longer given. At NADA some chances are usually given. Look at the web page of the specific course for more information.


Hand in reports etc.

In some courses reports (or similar works) are to be handed in. Follow the instructions of your teacher for doing this. On many courses reports are to be handed in the course material room outside of the student office. There should be a box for handing in material for your course. Before you put any papers there, make sure that they are marked with your name, your e-mail address and the course (+ any other things that your teacher may have asked for). If the course material room is locked you can put your report in the post box beside the door. But then you must put it in an envelope marked with the course number and name, so that the employees of the student office can put it in the right place.

Help desk

Delfi is the help desk of the NADA system group. Delfi has its own web site.


ID card

On written examinations and examnation of large lab assignments (and similar) students must show an ID card. This is to ensure that the right person is examined.

Persons who are not entitled to be in the computer rooms can be sent away. Guards patrol KTH at night and week-ends. Students should therefore always carry the student card and a personal ID with photo.



Ladok is the administrative system that is used by KTH and most other univiersities in Sweden. In Ladok data about you (e.g. your name and A-number), courses that you have chosen, registered for, and examinations that you have passed.

Your student councellor puts some data into Ladok, e.g. registering for the semester and choice of courses. Some data are registered by the department, e.g. course registration and results on examinations. Ladok is also used for the financial planning at KTH. You can see much of what is in Ladok about you using Mina sidor.

This is how the student part of Ladok works:
  • The first step is to make a declaration of studies for the coming semester to your student councellor. Check with your student councellor how this should be done. Your student counseller will then register you for the next semester and course choice for any mandatory courses that you should take.
  • If you are to take elective courses you have to choose these with your student councellor. The student councellor then enters the course choices into Ladok.
  • You start taking the couse and check into the local NADA res system, if it us used on the course you are taking. If res is not used there is usually a student list passed around during the first lectures. NADA registers you as a student at the course. NADA can only register students that have a registration for the semester and a choice of the course.
  • Hopefully you pass the examination and the results are then reported into Ladok. Normally a course has more than one item, e.g. written exam and lab assignments. The items can be found in the study handbook. Each item is reported by NADA and when all items are reported the student is given a final grade on the course. Results can only be reported for students who are registered on the course and for the semester.

Limited participation

NADA has a policy of welcoming students to our courses. Thus we try to have as few courses as possible with limited participation. These are mostly courses that use very specialized lab equipment. If a course has limited participation, it is stated in the study handbook.

Locked doors

NADA tries to keep an open environment. Until recently all doors from the stairs to the corridors were open at office hours. But unfortunately there has been some burglaries and therefore some doors are locked. If you want to visit a person whose office is behind a locked door, it is a good idea to phone him/her just before arrival. Phone numers are found on the NADA staff list.


Mina sidor

KTH students can use Mina sidor to see registrations, results etc. that are stored in Ladok.


NADA calendar

In the NADA calendar different seminars, dissertations and other events at NADA are presented. Students are welcome to attend (except when there is a fee or limited participation or similar). The calendar is on the web under Aktuellt på Nada.


Numero is the internal newsletter of NADA. Is can be found on the web.


Old exams

Old exams that have been given earlier years are usually found in the course material or on the web. Exams given during the year are usually put on the web. There are no old exams at the NADA student office.


Pick up corrected lab reports etc.

On many courses lab reports etc. are corrected by the teacher and handed back to the students. Often this is done on the lectures. Some teachers put the reports in the course material room, where students can pick it up.

Post box

On the outside of the course material room on Osquars backe 2, entrance floor there is a post box. There students can put material that they should have put in the course material room if it had been open. Please remember to mark the material with your name, e-mail address and the number and name of the course. Please put the papers in an envelope or staple them together properly.

Students may also put other material for the teachers at NADA in the post box. Mark it with your name and e-mail address and put it in an envelope with the name of the teacher.

The employees at the NADA student office empty the box and sort what is in it.


Registration on a course

All students taking a course must be registered on it. This is done by NADA. On most courses all students who have checked in into the res system and shown some kind of activity are registered. But only students where the course choice and semester registration have been entered into Ladok by the student councellor can be registered.


Res is a system used locally at NADA to keep track of lab work, bonus marks etc. of the students. Res is used on most NADA courses. When you start a course you must check into res. This can be done on a Unix computer by giving the command res checkin course. The teacher will tell you what to enter as course name. The student can check what has been entered into res by giving the command res show course


Semester registration

All students must have a semester registration for all semesters that they study or take any kind of examination. This is done with your student councellor.

Sima manager

Sima manager is a system to keep track of students wanting to demonstrate their solutions or needing help at scheduled lab hours. It is used on many courses. To start the system the following command is given to the Unix system: module add sima followed by sm. Then the course is entered and login is clicked. Finally queue is clicked. A description of Sima-manager.

Student office

The student office has a web page.


If you have complaints about a course or ideas for improvements, please talk to the teacher. Some things are ease to correct right away. Other things may be difficult or impossible to improve. The teacher may also think that a suggested improvement for some reason is not appropriate. Should you find it difficult to discuss with the teacher, you can talk to the director of studies.



To find the teacher in charge of a certain course, you should look at the course web page, the study handbook, or the Läro-timplan. There is a list of all teachers at NADA on the staff web page with links to the personal home pages of each teacher.


Work environment in computer rooms

Representatives for students and NADA have agreed on the following rules for work in the computer rooms.

Written examinations

No assignment is required for any of the written exams that are on the central schedule. But you must be registered on the course and have a och semester registration. Exams where only a few students are expected are normally not put on the central schedule. For these exams all students must assign. Please see the course web page to find out how and when.

All exams shall normally be corrected within 15 work days; re-exams within 10 work days.

Results are posted on the bulletin board on floor 3 in the E-house (Osquars backe 2). The results are also promptly fed into the Ladok system where you can check your own result using Mina sidor.

Picking up
You can look at your exam and also pick it up (bring it with you home) at the NADA student office. Often you can learn much by studying your own exam, so take this chance.

Complaints about the correction
If, in your opinion, the teacher has made a mistake correcting your exam, you can complain. If you have not found a mistake in the correction, there is no point in complaining.

If the teacher has not said anything else, the procedure is as follows: Look at your exam, but do not take it with you from the student office. Leave your written complaint with the exam at the student office. Ask the persons working there for the form for complaints. Your complaint is handed to the teacher together with the exam. The teacher will contact you by e-mail.


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