SNNS - The Swedish Neural Network Society

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  • SNNS Annual Meeting, November 20, 1997
  • SNNS Annual Meeting, November 20, 1996
  • The statutes for SNNS
  • Members of the SNNS board (the working group for ANN)

  • Statutes for
    the ANN working group, Artificial Neural Network
    SNNS, The Swedish Neural Network Society
    (Svenska NeuralNätSällskapet)

    August 25 1992

    In Swedish industry, universities and technical institutes there is an increasing interest for Artificial Neural Networks, ANN. Too meet a need for exchange of information, knowledge and experience a working group for ANN was formed June 7 1991. As a first measure the ANN working group took the initiative to establish SNNS, the Swedish Neural Network Society.


    An artificial neural net (ANN) is a network of a great number of simple, summing processors working in parallel and communicating via modifiable, weighted couplings. ANN-based techniques are, for example, used for adaptive pattern recognition and guidance. The basic structure and function in ANN is inspired by analogies with biological (neural) information processing.

    Examples of alternative terms with the same or similar meaning as the term artificial neural nets are: neural nets; artificial nervous systems; neoroidal or neuromorphic systems; parallel distributed systems (PDP); `connectionist' systems or associative nets.


    To increase the knowledge about ANN in Swedish industry so that ANN early will be applied for purposes suitable for ANN. Effective use of ANN aims at improving the competitiveness of the Swedish trade and industry.


    The working group intends to: Examples of activities are:


    §1 Participants

    The working group consists of representatives for Swedish engineering industry and technical institutes, universities and/or research institutes. The intention is that a majority of its participants shall be from the industry.

    The working group selects members upon recommendations.

    §2 Officials

    The working group appoints chairperson and secretary. They are appointed for one calendar year at a time.

    §3 Economy

    The working group handles no economy. The participants put up their business time and act as hosts, an honor circulating among the participants' organisations.

    §4 Meetings

    The working group meets about 5 times per year.

    The working group organizes SNNS annual meeting. This is preferably done in connection with some conference or seminar.


    The Swedish Neural Network Society, SNNS, is an interest group. Anyone sending in an application to the working group for ANN can become a member in SNNS. Member in SNNS is obliged to report address changes and intentions not to remain a member.

    The board of SNNS is the working group for ANN. The working group assumes the following tasks:

    SNNS annual meeting approves the board for one year at a time and proposes changes in objectives and activities.

    Members of the board of SNNS (the working group for ANN)

    January 18 1995
    Chairman   Miklòs Boda                   Phone: +46 8 7273750 (direct)
               ELLEMTEL Utvecklings AB              +46 8 7273000 (switchboard) 
               Box 1505                        Fax: +46 8 6478276
               S-125 25 Älvsjö              E-mail:
    Secretary  Anders Marcelius              Phone: +46 8 7820927 (direct)
               Sveriges Verkstadsindustrier         +46 8 7820800 (switchboard)
               Box 5510                        Fax: +46 8 7820864
               S-114 85 Stockholm           E-mail:
               Vikram Kaul                   Phone: +46 8 6767284 (direct)
               STFI                                 +46 8 6767000 (switchboard)
               Box 5604                        Fax: +46 8 4115518
               S-114 86 Stockholm           E-mail: -
               Anders Lansner                Phone: +46 8 7906210 (direct)
               KTH                                  +46 8 7906000 (switchboard)
               NADA                            Fax: +46 8 7900930
               S-100 44 Stockholm           E-mail:
               Carsten Peterson              Phone: +46 46 109002 (direct)
               Lunds Universitet                    +46 46 107000 (switchboard)
               Teoretisk Fysik II              Fax: +46 46 104438
               Sölvesgatan 14 A             E-mail:
               S-223 62 Lund
               Bertil Svensson               Phone: +46 31 7721700 (direct)
               CTH                                  +46 31 7721000 (switchboard)
               Datorteknik                     Fax: +46 31 7723663
               S-412 96 Göteborg            E-mail:
               Anders Åberg                  Phone: +46 46 168521 (direct)
               ABB Corporate Research               +46 46 168500 (switchboard)
               Forskningsbyn IDEON             Fax: +46 46 145620
               S-223 70 Lund                E-mail: -
               S Ingvar Åkersten             Phone: +46 8 7826522 (direct)
               FMV:CIT                              +46 8 7824000 (switchboard)
               S-115 88 Stockholm              Fax: +46 8 6677392
                                            E-mail: -