We are building a news delivery framework for mobile thin clients. It will make use of TTNITF and possibly other sources of news, such as NewsML™ and RSS.

The target client is initially Mophun / PIP on the Sony Ericsson T300 mobile terminal. Elbonia has been tested on a wide variety of mobile devices since; T310, T610, P800 and Nokia 7650.

This project is part of the 2D1954 Program Development Project course (link in Swedish, summary in English here).


Source Code

To test the client, go to Mophun and download the Mophun SDK (free registration required). You should then be able to compile the client from source or download the binary directly.


There is also a nice transformation overview diagram.


Explanation and links to specs of TTNITF.

TTNITF is an XML-based markup language for news streams used by the Swedish news agency TT.

TT has made available an overview of the service and technical specifications in Swedish.

Local copies of the specs in PDF and plain text can be found here:


Elbonia is released under the GNU General Public License.


Here are documents (in Swedish) from our meetings.

There are also some photos from project meetings to look at.


Project Group


Contact Info

To contact the Elbonia Project Group, mail to pr03-elbonia d.kth.se (insert "@" sign).