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After downloading and running the PTFM plugin, Winamp needs some configuration before you can get started. This takes approximately one minute.

First of all, switch to Winamp and select "Options", "Preferences..." or use the shortcut, Ctrl-P. The Preferences window appears:

Press the "General Purpose"tab under "Plugins". Select PTFM from the list, and press "Configure". This starts the configurations dialogue:

This is your way of defining where different playlists are stored on your local hard drive. To associate the phrase "Load the metal playlist" with something meaningful in the example above, you would press the "Browse" button and tell PTFM where metal.m3u (or whatever you have called your metal playlist) is located.

To associate different genres to different playlists, just select another genre from the drop-down list and press "Browse" again.

PTFM offers a number of pre-defined genres:
  • alternative
  • ambient
  • blues
  • celtic
  • classic
  • classical
  • club
  • country
  • dance
  • disco
  • folk
  • gothic
  • heavy
  • hiphop
  • house
  • jazz
  • metal
  • pop
  • punk
  • rap
  • rave
  • reggae
  • rock
  • soft
  • soul
  • synth
  • techno
  • trance

More information about which commands PTFM handles is found here.