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PTFM comes with a bunch of pre-defined commands, allowing you to play, pause, stop the music or nearly all other instructions you normally use.

This is the complete list of commands recognized by PTFM:

Command Function Symbol
Play Equivalent to the play button.
Pause Equivalent to the pause button.
Stop Equivalent to the stop button.
Next Equivalent to the next button.
Previous/Back Equivalent to the previous button.
Increase/Louder/Higher Increases volume by 10%.
Decrease/Quieter/Softer Decreases volume by 10%.
Mute Volume/Silence Mute volume. Repeat this command to return to previous volume.
Max Volume/Highest Set music volume to max.
Repeat Equivalent to the repeat button.
Shuffle Equivalent to the shuffle button.
Visualization/Visualize Equivalent to the visualization menu item (Alt-O).
Forward/Skip Move 10 seconds forward.
Rewind/Backwards Move 10 seconds backward.
Load a/an "Genre" playlist Equivalent to the load-list button. "Genre" is one of the pre-defined genres, more about this here.
Clear playlist Remove all songs from current playlist.
Exit Winamp Exit Winamp.