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History of NADA

1962 Departement of Numerical Analysis, offshoot of Applied Mathematics.
1963 Sweden's first professorship in Numerical Analysis: Germund Dahlquist. Personnel: 6 staff members.
1979 Change of name: Numerical Analysis and Computing Science, NADA.
1982 Professor in Computer Science: Stefan Arnborg. Personnel: around 40 staff members.
1986 Professor in Computer Vision: Jan-Olof Eklundh.
1992 Professor in Theoretical Computer Science: Johan Håstad. KTHNoc transferred to NADA.
1993 Center for Parallel Computers (PDC) associated with NADA.
1996 Centre for Autonomous Systems (CAS) hosted by NADA.
1997 Professor in Human-Computer Interaction: Kerstin Severinson-Eklundh.
Personnel: around 160 staff members.
1998 Professor in Computer Science - Autonomous Systems: Henrik Christensen.
Human-Computer Interaction becomes a seperate academic discipline. The VR-CUBE is built and is one of its kind in the world
2000 The research group Media Technology and Graphic Arts moves to NADA. Chair Professor: Nils Enlund. Personnel: around 280 staff members.

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