Veckobladet om forskning,
undervisning och
administration, m.m.
Nummer 30· 23 september 2004 · Årgång 34      




C. F. Lundströms Stiftelse lämnar i mars varje år anslag för vetenskaplig forskning till gagn för landets industri eller jordbruk/skogsbruk med binäringar.

För utdelning disponeras ca 1 500 000 kronor årligen. Anslag ges i första hand till sådana projekt, där stiftelsens bidrag utgör en avgörande del av finansieringen. Beviljade bidrag för forskning överstiger normalt inte 150 000 kronor. Enskilda anslag, som överstiger 400 000 kronor, utdelas endast undantagsvis.

Anslag utdelas endast till svensk medborgare eller organisation och företrädesvis till ändamål, som inte kan påräkna bidrag på annat sätt.

Ansökningsblanketten är tillgänglig på under rubriken Anslag & stipendier/C. F. Lundströms Stiftelse.
Ansökan i original skall vara inlämnad till stiftelsen senast den 31 december 2004.

Beslut angående beviljade anslag fattas i mars 2005, varför besked tidigast kan påräknas i månadsskiftet mars/april 2005.


Defense of dissertations

Human capital development and
competence structures in changing
media production environments

Medieteknik och grafisk produktion
Respondent: Anastasios Politis
Opponent: Prof Robert Picard, Jönköping International Business School
Huvudhandledare: Prof Nils Enlund
Tid och plats: 14.00, kollegiesalen,
Valhallavägen 79





“Students as nomadic workers:
The ACPU case”

Cristian Bogdan, Maria Normark, Pedro Jorge Adler, Chiara Rossitto

Fredag 24/9 kl. 10.15-12.00 i rum 1537, Lindstedtsvägen 3, plan 5

We present the Nomad project and the first field study conducted within the project. The Nomad project is concerned with understanding and supporting student group work to promote efficient learning together with peers. Our initial view of student group work is concentrated around the issue of ‘nomadicity’: the variablity of work location, duration, attendance by the group members and its technological support.
These issues were investigated in our first field study, conducted in the ACPU (user-oriented software development) course at NADA. Most of the work at the course takes place in project groups that have a design concept as their goal, achieved through user-centered methods such as e.g. design workshops with prospective users. The concept is presented through a talk, a video, and a homepage. A report is also made on the design process and product.
The main objectives in the study were: investigation of student work and coordination with special focus on nomadicity, peer learning as situated learning in student groups, and collaborative writing in such groups, with special regard to their plannning phase. Four ACPU project groups agreed to be part of our study. Two groups were followed in an ethnographically-inspired fashion followed by interviews, while two others were approached through semi-structured interviews.
We will present the results of the study according to the objectives stated and we will further discuss and reflect on design as the specific goal of learning. We will also reflect on our methods and their suitability for ‘nomadic’ settings such as the student groups.


Kerstin Severinson Eklundh


Doktorandseminarium i teoretisk datalogi

Gene Tree Reconstruction and
Orthology Analysis Based on an
Integrated Model for Duplications and
Sequence Evolution

Lars Arvestad, Stockholm Bioinformatics Center och Nada

Måndag 4 oktober, kl 13.15, rum 1537

The problem of estimating evolutionary trees from molecular sequences has received a lot of attention in the last 30 years and a multitude of models and methods have been suggested.

Despite the tremendous progress the field has seen, a few questions have kept haunting biologists. What do you do when a tree constructed from a gene tree clearly contradicts a species tree? Is it due to recombination or a simply weak signal in the data? When the gene family is large and several similar member-genes exists in one species, how do you tell which genes are each others functional equivalents in different species?

This talk will present progress on addressing these questions through an MCMC approach using a new probabilistic model that for the first time includes both sequence evolution as well as duplication and loss of genes.

Se för mer information om teorigruppens informella doktorandseminarieserie.

Jakob Nordström


Seminar in mathematical physics,

“Minimally Coupled Bosons on the
Moyal Plane”

Thursday, September 23th, 10.15
Place: Theoretical physics seminar room,
AlbaNova, Roslagstullsbacken 11
Juha Loikkanen will defend his licentiate thesis
“Minimally Coupled Bosons on the Moyal Plane”
Opponent: Prof. Martin Cederwall (Chalmers)


Jouko Mickelsson


The Automatic Control group at S3, KTH welcomes you to the following seminar:

Control of vehicular platoons:
limitations and tradeoffs

Speaker: Dr. Mihailo Jovanovic, UCSB California and KTH Mechanics

Date: September 23rd, 13:15
Location: seminar at S3, 3rd floor, Osquldas väg 10, KTH



Mini Workshop on Computational

October 11, at KTH
The Parallel and Scientific Computing Institute (PSCI) at Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan in Stockholm is organizing a one day workshop on computational electromagnetics (CEM). The main purpose of this event is to bring together CEM researchers within PSCI and external researchers from both industry and academia. Programme and more details can be found on

The workshop is sponsored by PSCI so there is no registration fee, but the number of participants is limited. Therefore, registration is mandatory and binding.

Welcome to register by mail to
Harald Hermansson,
Contact persons:,


Stockholm Arts
and Science Festival

Den 24 - 26 september på Stockholms
konserthus. Information om festivalprogrammet kan du följa på:




Numero är institutionstidningen vid Nada - institutionen för numerisk analys och datalogi, KTH. Numero utkommer normalt på torsdags-förmiddagar under teminstid. Manus måste lämnas in före kl.12 på onsdagar.Manus, tips, förslag och andra bidrag till Numero kan lämnas på något av följande sätt:

Bidrag för artiklar och notiser bör i största möjliga mån vara färdigformulerade och korrekturlästa. Varje Numeronummer utkommer i två former:

Numeroredaktionen består av Maria Engström. Ansvarig utgivare är Ingrid Melinder. Numeros innehåll uttrycker inte institutionens officiella ståndpunkt annat än då detta anges.




Tors. 23 sept

kl 10.00


kl 10.15

kl 13.15

kl 14.30

kl 14.00

kl 16.00

Thesis for the degree of licentiate of technology:
Effects of newspaper structure on productivity,
Lena Halonen, K1

licentiate thesis seminar: Minimally Coupled Bosons on the Moyal Plane. Juha Loikkanen

S3 Seminar Control of vehicular platoons: limitations and tradeoffs Dr. Mihailo Jovanovic

Exjobb: Dog-like Behavior Selection for an Aibo Robot Dog, Ihse Bursie, Christina. Transcription factor binding sites - model comparison and site discovery by correlation with gene expression, Hasselrot, Daniel

Invigning av ’Ringen’



Fre. 24 sept

kl. 10.15

IPLab-seminarium:“Students as nomadic workers:
The ACPU case”. Cristian Bogdan, Maria Normark, Pedro Jorge Adler, Chiara Rossitto


Mån. 27 sept

kl. 8.15

kl. 13.15

kl. 15.00

Frukostseminarium om webbtexter, språkkonsult Helena Englund

Doktorandseminarium i teoretisk datalogi:
Broadcast Encryption, Gunnar Kreitz

Docentföreläsning: Vad ser vi i bilderna från datorgrafik och visualisering?
Lars Kjelldahl, sal D2


Mån. 4 okt

kl. 13.15

Doktorandseminarium i teoretisk datalogi:
Gene Tree Reconstruction and Orthology Analysis Based on an Integrated Model for Duplications and Sequence Evolution. Lars Arvestad


Fre. 8 okt

kl. 13.15

Thesis for the degree of doctor of technology: Human capital development and competence structures in changing media production environments. Anastasios Politis


Mån. 11 okt

kl 14.00


Mini Workshop on Computational Electromagnetics, PSCI

Defense of dissertation: Robot Path Planning: An Object-Oriented
Approach, Morten Strandberg


Tis. 12 okt

kl. 13.15

CAS Seminar: Solving Mobile Robot Tasks without Localization and Mapping, Steven M. LaValle



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