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fredag 16 januari 1998, årgång 28

Veckoblad om forskning, undervisning och administration m.m.
NADA - Institutionen för numerisk analys och datalogi, KTH


Aktuellt kalendarium (inte kalendariet som hör specifikt till denna Numeroutgåva).


Effective January 1, 1998 I took my new position as a lecturer of Numerical Analysis at NADA. Previously I was working at Humboldt University of Berlin and the Institute of Applied Analysis and Stochastics in Berlin.

I got my PhD and my docent degree in Numerical Analysis both from Humboldt University. I have many experiences in teaching students of mathematics, computer science and others at all levels. I was supervising a number of diploma and PhD theses.

My research interests are mainly devoted to the analysis and numerics of ordinary and partial differential equations. Whereas earlier I was working on the Boltzmann equation in semiconductor theory, I changed my attention to the challaging problem of numerical methods and their asymptotic properties for differential-algebraic equations. Recently, I am working on numerical methods for a Schroedinger-Poisson system describing quantum effects in semiconductors. Moreover, I have a joint project with BASF AG (Germany) on the optimization of batch processes in chemical engeneering. Since these subjects are mainly motivated by practical applications, I am working on the theory as well as on the practical implementation.

You will find me at NADA on the 5th floor, room 4529. My phone number is 08-790-6278.

I wish us a pleasant and successful co-operation.

Michael Hanke

PDC-seminarium: Kelly-like stratgey for prudent investors

Maurizio Serva, Universitā dell'Aquila, Italien, håller PDC-seminarium under ovanstående rubrik på tisdag (20 jan.) kl. 15.15 i seminarierum 1537 (Lindstedtsv. 3, plan 5).


More than 40 years ago Kelly showed that the best strategy for a gambler-investor is not the one which maximizes expected gain but the one which maximizes the expected logarithm of the gain. The new quantity is related to the entropy of the game. In this talk we present a review and some results on a constrained game.

Erik Aurell

I korthet

Licentiatseminarium: "A Grammar-Based Approach to Design and its Application to Electronics and Logi Programming", Fredrik Holmgren, DSV. På måndag (19 jan.) kl 10.00, seminarierum 601, Electrum, Kista. Numeropärmen 98.004

Pengar: KTH:s centrala internationaliseringsmedel 1998 för doktorander. Medel kan sökas under hela året. Numeropärmen 98.005

Pengar: FRN-projektbidrag för information om forskning till allmänheten. Ansökan senast 12 feb. Numeropärmen 98.006

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