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fredag 8 mars 1996, årgång 26

Veckoblad om forskning, undervisning och administration m.m.
NADA - Institutionen för numerisk analys och datalogi, KTH


Aktuellt kalendarium (inte kalendariet som hör specifikt till denna Numeroutgåva).

PDC-seminarium: Global bifurcations on a surface reaction catalysis model

Martin Zimmerman, Uppsala, håller ett seminarium under ovanstående rubrik på tisdag (12 mars) kl. 15.15 i seminarierum 1537 (Lindstedtsv. 3, plan 5).


After an introduction to partial differential equations applied to chemistry (reaction-diffusion PDE's), I will introduce a model to surface reaction catalysis on a Pt surface. We have analyzed this system with tools from the theory of non-linear dynamics. In particular we investigated the so-called traveling-wave ODE (ordinary differential equation) and found several global bifurcations. One of them is responsible of a dramatic change on the attractor of the PDE, giving rise to spatio-temporal complex behavior. The other global bifurcation is seen qualitatively as the driving force of the latter complex behavior.

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