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DOA, Datorgrafik och användargränssnitt, 5 poäng, vt00

Kursledare: Johannes Keukelaar
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Place: Lecture hall E3, Lindstedtsvägen 3, 5th floor.

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    000314 (Pi day!): This web page is now available.
    000405: More info about turning in labs.
    000410: Old exams are now available.
    000523: The course evaluation is now available. Click in the button below to fetch the form. 

    000527, 13:00: Today's exam is now available for downloading, including answers, from the old exams section.
    010212: Kursanalys.

    Course Parts

    This course  consists of two big parts and one small one. The small part is learning to program in C, since that will be needed for the labs of the first big part, computer graphics. The second big part is user interfaces. Johannes Keukelaar (web) will take care of the computer graphics and C parts of the course, while Cristian Bogdan (web) will take care of the interaction part of the course, both of them with the help of several guest lecturers.


    Mon 20/3 10-12 E3 Course Intro
    Mon 20/3 13-15 E3 Nils-Erik Gustafsson on Interaction
    Thu 23/3 10-12 E3 C
    Thu 23/3 13-15 Gul Interface evaluation lab
    Mon 27/3 10-12 E3 C
    Mon 27/3 13-15 E3 Yngve Sundblad (www) on Interaction
    Thu 30/3 10-12 E3 Björn Eiderbäck (www) on GUI Tools
    Thu 30/3 13-15 Gul C lab
    Mon3/4 10-12 E3 Interaction
    Mon 3/4 13-15 E3 Interaction
    Thu 7/4 10-12 E3 Interaction
    Thu 7/4 13-15 Gul MVC lab
    Mon 10/4 10-12 E3 Graphics intro (Ch 1)
    Mon 10/4 13-15 E3 Lars Kjelldahl (www) on Color
    Thu 13/4 10-12 E3 OpenGL intro (Ch 2)
    Thu 13/4 13-15 Gul Graphics lab 1
    Mon 17/4 10-12 E3 Transforms (Ch 4)
    Mon 17/4 13-15 E3 Viewing (Ch 5)
    Thu 20/4 10-12 E3 NO LECTURE
    Thu 20/4 13-15 Gul NO LAB
    Mon 24/4 10-12 E3 NO LECTURE
    Mon 24/4 13-15 E3 NO LECTURE
    Thu 27/4 10-12 E3 Shading (Ch 6)
    Thu 27/4 13-15 Gul Graphics Lab 2
    Mon 1/5 10-12 E3 NO LECTURE
    Mon 1/5 13-15 E3 NO LECTURE
    Thu 4/5 10-12 E3 Shading (Ch 6)
    Thu 4/5 13-15 Gul Extra time to work on the labs
    Mon 8/5 10-12 E3 Models (Ch 8 + 11)
    Mon 8/5 13-15 E3 Models (Ch 8 + 11)
    Thu 11/5 10-12 E3 Implementation (Ch 7)
    Thu 11/5 13-15 Gul Graphics Lab 3
    Mon 15/5 10-12 E3 Curves (Ch 10)
    Mon 15/5 13-15 E3 Curves (Ch 19)
    Thu 18/5 10-12 E3 Implementation (Ch 7)
    Thu 18/5 13-15 Gul Extra time to work on the labs
    Mon 22/5 10-12 E3 Kai-Mikael Jää-Aro (www) on Virtual Reality
    Mon 22/5 13-15 E3 Interface evaluation lab discussion
    Thu 25/5 10-12 E3 NO LECTURE
    Thu 25/5 13-15 Gul NO LAB

    Lab Assignments

    For all the labs where C programming is involved (i.e. the C and Graphics labs), there are some style rules that you should follow to get your lab passed.

    To turn in the labs, staple the pages together and mark them clearly with your names. Outside the student expedition there are two boxes marked 'SU DOA LABS'. When turning in labs (stapled together and clearly marked with your names), put them in the big box. We will empty the box every once in a while and grade them, and after that we will put them in the small box. Oh, did I mention that you have to staple them together and clearly mark them with your names?

    These boxes are in the little room which is about between the stairs and the corridor outside the student expedition. In other words, go to floor 2, find the (mostly) glass door that leads to the student expedition, go through it. In the little room that you are in now, with all the bookshelves, you will find the boxes. Facing the glass door mentioned above, the boxes are on the shelves just to the left of the door. (And don't forget to staple things together and mark them with your names. No, just folding them a bit to keep them together is not good enough.)

  • Interface evaluation lab deadline monday 15/5
  • C lab, no deadline and voluntary
  • Graphics lab 1, deadline 22/5
  • Graphics lab 2, deadline 22/5
  • Graphics lab 3, deadline 22/5
  • AWT lab, deadline 25/5



    This year, there will be two exams.
  • Saturday 27/5 from 08-13, place to be announced.
  • Some date in august. (Omtenta)



    The material for the exam is the following:

  • Angel's book (2nd ed), chapters 1-11, except 3, 8.9, 8.10, 9, 10.8.
  • From the kursbunt: 'Chapter 2, Theories, Principles and Guidelines'
  • From the kursbunt: 'Chapter 1, Introduction', sections 1.1 and 1.2
  • From the kursbunt: 'Chapter 7, Events'
  • From the kursbunt: 'Grafikalgoritmer', except 'Solid modeling'
  • From the kursbunt: All slides.
  • From the kursbunt: Model-View-Controller.



    As you can tell from this list of material, there will be some questions on the exam about the interaction part of the course, as well as some questions about the graphics part of the course. The division will probably be about 80% of the exam points will come from the graphics part, and the remaining 20% will come from the interaction part.

    At the exam, you will be allowed to bring writing and drawing materials, a calculator (though one will not be required) and a Swedish/English dictionary. You will not be allowed to bring the book, kursbunt, handouts, notes, etc.

    The exam questions will be in English. Answers may be given in either English or Swedish.

    Old Exams

    Available old exams so far:
  • Exam from 991030, ps, pdf. Version with answers: ps, pdf.
  • Re-exam from 991204, ps, pdf. Version with answers: ps, pdf.
  • Exam from 000527, ps, pdf. Version with answers: ps, pdf.
  • Literature

    The course literature includes one book and one kursbunt:
  • Interactive Computer Graphics, 2nd edition by Edward Angel. Available at the student union.
  • Kursbunt, containing an introduction to C, documentation on OpenGL and various other course materials, including the slides. This can be bought from the student administration for approximately 80 SEK.



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