dama17: Computer Science for mathematicians, 7.5 hp (DA3018) spring 2017


Course litterature

The main course book is Introduction to Algorithms by Cormen, Leiserson, Rivest, and Stein. You will however need to read online about, for example, Python, git, and GitHub.


You will have to pass three hurdles to finish this course:
There are eight practicals in the course.
The course project is worth 3 credits. It involves applying what you have learned in the course on a real dataset. Thre project will be described separately. The project is graded A-F. Deadline: June 2
The theoretical material will be assessed in an exam. Scheduled exam dates are June 2 and August 24. The exam is graded A-F. See exams.
The final grade is a rounded weighted average of the PROJ and THEO grades.

Lecture plan

This is a rough plan of the lectures. Note the reading directions!
  1. Introduction to the course. Github and Kattis.
  2. Bash and other shells. Unix.
  3. Fundamental datastructures and abstract data types (Chapters 1 and 10)
  4. Trees (12)
  5. Complexity analysis. Teacher: Samuel (3)
  6. Primality testing. Teacher: Samuel (31)
  7. Queues, heaps, and more (6)
  8. Graphs (22, 23)
  9. Sorting (6-8)
  10. Hashing and Bloom filters (11)
  11. Syntax analysis: formal grammars and recursive descent
  12. Parallel programming: threads and processes (27)
  13. Unit testing
  14. Text searching (32)
  15. Repetition for the exam

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