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The lectures will start at 10.15 instead of 9.15.


The lecturer in C is Marco Kupiainen, The lectures in MATLAB is held by Joakim Möller,


The main literature consists of copied transparencies which will be handed out at the beginning of the course. All material handed out is also available for download below.

More detailed documentation can be found in the reference material.

Schedule & Course plan

Wednesday August 1810.15-12.00, lecture in room 4523
13.00-16.00, computer exercises in &
Thursday August 199.15-12.00, lecture in room 4523
13.00-16.00, computer exercises in &
Friday August 209.15-12.00, lecture in room 1537
13.00-16.00, computer exercises in &
Monday August 239.15-12.00, lecture in room 4523
13.00-16.00, computer exercises in &
Tuesday August 249.15-12.00, lecture in room 4523
13.00-16.00, computer exercises in &
Wednesday August 259.15-12.00, lecture in room 4523
13.00-15.00, computer exercises in &
Thursday August 269.15-12.00, lecture in room 4523
13.00-15.00, computer exercises in &
Course plan
DateTopics covered
Wednesday August 18Introduction to Unix & the Nada computer environment. Basic C constructs.
Thursday August 19Functions and arrays in C. The Nada computer environment.
Friday August 20Pointers and functions in C.
Monday August 23Makefiles, strings and numerical libraries.
Tuesday August 24Preprocessor directives, structures and enumerations. Other programming languages.
Wednesday August 25 Introducion to MATLAB
Thursday August 26 Introducion to MATLAB cont.

Computer exercises

Each lecture is followed by three hours of computer exercises, where small problems related to the lecture are solved. The aim of the C exercises is to enable students to implement a short but significant numerical application by the end of the week.


Unless otherwise specified all links below lead to handouts in PDF format.

Wednesday August 18 Lectures 1
Lectures 2
Lectures 3
Computer exercises
Excerpts from the "Linux Users' Guide"
Getting Started With Email Using Pine
Brief description of the computer system at Nada's library
Thursday August 19 Lectures 4
Lectures 5
Lectures 6
Documentation for files plot.h and plot.c
Friday August 20 Lectures 7
Lectures 8
Lectures 9
Emacs refernce card (external link)
Monday August 23 Lectures 10
Lectures 11
Lectures 12
Tuesday August 24 Lectures 14
Lectures 15

Reference material

There are several introductory texts on C available on the web. You can for example have a look at More detailed information can be found in the following reference manuals stored locally at Nada. Sun provides a large amount of online documentation, including some C-specific information.

Matlab documentation can be accessed by giving the command doc at the Matlab prompt.

Source code

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