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Latest news

[08/24 09:00]
cooread.c has been updated to properly handle Matrix Market comments. Preliminary versions of the first four Matlab lectures available. Printed copies of the final versions will be handed out on Monday.
[08/21 09:00]
Updated version of slides for lecture 5 now available. Some simple plotting routines added.
[08/20 08:00]
Schedule and most of the material for the first week added.
[05/29 16:00]
The first lecture will be given at 10.15 on Monday August 20 in seminar room 4523, fifth floor, Nada.


The lecturer is Christer Andersson,


Copies of slides are handed out during the course. They are also available for download below. More detailed documentation can be found in the reference material.

Schedule & Course plan

This intensive course will be given between Monday August 20 and Tuesday August 28 2001. The typical day starts with a three hour lecture in the morning (9.15-12.00) followed by computer exercises in the afternoon (13.00-16.00). No lectures are held during the weekend.

Date LectureComputer exercises
Mon Aug 2010.15-12.00 and 13.15-14.00 in room 4523 14.00-17.00 in Brown
Tue Aug 219.15-12.00 in room 452313.00-16.00 in Brown
Wed Aug 229.15-12.00 in room 452313.00-16.00 in Brown
Thu Aug 239.15-12.00 in room 452313.00-16.00 in Brown
Fri Aug 249.15-12.00 in room 452313.00-16.00 in Brown
Mon Aug 279.15-12.00 in room 452313.00-16.00 in Magenta
Tue Aug 289.15-12.00 in room 452313.00-16.00 in Brown
Course plan
DateTopics covered
Mon Aug 20Introduction to Unix & the Nada computer environment. Basic C constructs.
Tue Aug 21Functions and arrays in C. The Nada computer environment.
Wed Aug 22Pointers and functions in C.
Thu Aug 23Makefiles, strings and numerical libraries.
Fri Aug 24Preprocessor directives, structures and enumerations. Other programming languages.
Mon Aug 27Matlab introduction: mathematics, graphics & programming.
Tue Aug 28Matlab applications: ODEs, sparse matrices, optimisation, ...

Computer exercises

There will be three hours of computer exercises each afternoon. The aim of the C exercises is to enable students to implement a short but significant numerical application by the end of the week.

Students are expected to give at least one short oral presentation of an exercise in front of the class.


DateSlidesOther handouts
Mon Aug 20 Lecture 1, 2, 3. Slides for lectures 1-11 (+ cover).
Computer Exercises: C.
Excerpts from "The Linux User's Guide".
"NADA Computing Resources - Introduction" (HTML).
Tue Aug 21 Lecture 4, 5. Documentation of functions in plot.h and plot.c.
Wed Aug 22 Lecture 6, 7. -
Thu Aug 23 Lecture 8, 9. pointers, a very brief summary of lecture 6.
Fri Aug 24 Lecture 10, 11. The computer system at Nada's library
Brief comments on other languages
Mon Aug 27 Lecture 12, 13, 14. Computer exercises: Matlab
Tue Aug 28 Lectures 15-17 -

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Reference material

There are several introductory texts on C available on the web. You can for example have a look at More detailed information can be found in the following reference manuals stored locally at Nada. Sun provides a large set of technical manuals, including some C-specific information.

Matlab documentation can be accessed by giving the command doc at the Matlab prompt.

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