F2D5381 Spelling and grammar checking tools (Level 2)

This is a Ph D course offered to GSLT and NGSLT students. The course will give 7.5 ECTS credits (5 Swedish pošng). The course will be given at KTH with support from GSLT. The course will be given in Swedish, but it is possible for the students to speak and write English in the course.


The purpose of this course is to give a research oriented introduction to using, constructing and evaluating spelling and grammar checking tools.


The following topics will be treated in the course:


The GSLT course on Natural Language Processing or the equivalent (for example the KTH course 2D1418 Language engineering).

Lecturers, date and place

Course coordinator: professor Viggo Kann.
Lecturers: Viggo Kann, Ola Knutsson, Jonas SjŲbergh, Kerstin Severinson-Eklundh.

The lectures will be given at KTH in Stockholm during two intensive days October 3-4, 2005. The lectures will be given in Swedish. Computer assignments should be solved (at distance) in October-December. An individual home exercise should be presented at a final meeting at KTH in January 2006.

There is a detailed course description in Swedish.

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