Computational Geometry has emerged in late 1970s motivated by the need of geometric algorithms in new arising application domains such as computer graphics, robotics, geographical information systems (GIS)... This relatively new discipline produced a number of new algorithmic techniques improving early solutions to some geometric problems.

In this course we present some of these geometric problems and their algorithmic solutions. Since the course is application oriented we are not necessarily looking at optimal algorithms but the ones that are easiest to understand and implement. However, for each chapter, there will be some short discussions about the status of the research: faster algorithms, open problems...etc.


Basic knowledge of the design and analysis of algorithms and data structures: big-Oh notations, sorting, binary search, balanced
search trees...etc. Some basic knowledge in probability theory.



Homework assignments: homework1, homework2, homework3
and a project: You are asked to write a project proposal before starting any project!!!

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