Behaviour-based Robotics - Project description

Course Term Project

Team Project

Project Requirements and format

Due date: Last day of class. Late projects will be marked down severely.

You will need to form a team of no more than 4 students, no less than 2. If you have difficulty forming a group let me know and I'll facilitate it.

You have some latitude in what you can do. You can either submit an original proposal, or undertake one of the suggested projects below. Only one team is permitted per project topic however. In any case, I will need your project proposal stating what it is that you will be doing sent to me no later than the first class after break. Earlier is recommended, so you can be thinking about it during break.

Two sections for the final project submission are involved. The first section will consist of a thorough discussion of the approach chosen for the implementation of your robot demonstration/simulation. This will require analysis and comparison to related work in the field. The theoretical aspects, limitations, and assumptions of the behavioral model you choose to implement for the chosen domain should be clearly described. Your understanding of the nature of the problem area should be readily apparent. (This section should be approximately 10 double-spaced pages in length).

The second section consists of the computer simulations or robotic results. It would typically include (but is not limited to) the following:

Your project should be of sufficient quality to enable use by other members of the CAS community. It should be user-friendly and readily understandable (i.e. well documented) at all levels. The test cases chosen should not be hard-coded, thus allowing for easy introduction of new test cases. The code should be able to be demonstrated on request, ideally via www. The only limitation on the machine chosen for your implementation is that your project can be demonstrated from within CAS. Any other machines will require special approval. Machine readable format is also to be submitted (e.g.~floppy disk, file transfer, etc.) The results will have to be demoed directly to me, and to the entire class on the last session of class. Each team must do something unique, so it's to your advantage to determine what your project is sooner rather than later. Teams that have a full complement of 4 members will get first choice. Some suggested ideas (you're not limited to these only though):
  1. Extend the JavaBots system to incorporate temporal sequencing and the introduction of map knowledge for waypoint generation, demonstrating path planning and navigation through a building.
  2. Behavior-based gait generation for a hexapod (e.g., Hermes II - this is a LISP based system).
  3. Extension of MissionLab or JavaBots to include behavior-based mobile manipulation capabilities.
  4. Behavior-based implementation of various ocular reflexes for a robot head and incorporation into a user-friendly interface.
  5. Implementation of reinforcement learning in a underwater pool cleaning robot, tested over a broad range of pool shapes.
  6. Implementation of a behavior-based solution to any of the AAAI-97 mobile robot competition events, other than find-life-on-Mars (which already is in JavaBots), i.e., find-the-remote, home vacuum, or hors d'oeuvres anyone events.
  7. Development of an original behavior-based robot control team that can compete in RoboCup-98, using any architecture discussed in this course and that is not currently available on the Internet, and that uses the official RoboCup simulator to test your ideas: (rules: http://www.robocup.org/RoboCup/)\\ (simulator: http://ci.etl.go.jp/~noda/soccer/server.html)
You are free to propose other tasks of equal or greater complexity that are implemented using behavior-based control as defined in this course.

What I need from you by no later than the first day of class after Christmas break, preferably sooner:

You are to write an abstract of the work that you intend to do for the project. This should include as a minimum:

As there is only one topic per team, you should have an alternate project if you have not expressly requested it and your team reserved it through me prior to the due date above. {\bf It is strongly suggested that you pick a project topic as soon as possible to avoid unnecessary effort on your part.}

Remember, your topic is subject to approval. Please come talk to me or send email for an informal OK before the proposal write-up to save you from wasting time. Remember, you do not have unlimited latitude in your project choice. Your project may require restructuring after review of your proposal (or be completely redone), so you are strongly encouraged to submit it earlier than the due date shown.

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