Kurs 2D5342 Course synopsis, period 3, Jan 1999

Reading, Homework and registration

First lecture: January 15 1999, at 13:15 in Room 1537, Nada, Osquars Backe 2.

Preliminary schedule: Lectures will be on Fridays 13:15-15:00, in weeks 2 to 10.

Lectures: see news page!

Course Book
Order from MIT Press
(can also be ordered from bokus or amazon).

Compared to the 1997 course, this one will be more structured with readymade homework assignments and a compulsory reading list. However, there is still room for individual adaptions of the examination part of the course, besides the standard procedures. As last time, the first part is a grounding in Bayesian data analysis, but with new and easier accessible reading material.

The lectures will be of two kinds: Foundational areas like the basis of Bayesian analysis, unsupervised classification, MDL, will be covered in seminar lectures by me and invited speakers. Applications in areas of interest to students will be presented by students and/or invited speakers and discussed in class.