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Reading assignments

Read when you like:
Fayyad, Ch 1,2,(4),7,12,13,16,23.
Until jan 22:
B2, B3 (cursory) (Downloadable here.)
Until Jan 29:
G1, (G2)
Until Feb 5:
C1,C2,C6, G2
Until Feb 26: Fayyad Ch 7

Home Work 1, until Feb 19
Home Work 2

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Kurs 2D5342, Datavaskning, nyheter för 1999

First Lecture Jan 15, 1999. Send me an email if you are interested. If you want to take the course as part of your PhD course, check with your supervisor (no cost for PhD students). If you want to take the course as part of a Masters program, you must register at your 'Studievägledning'. As 'fristående kurs', you must apply at 'EIT kansli' (if you need the official course certificate).

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Kurs 2D5342 Course synopsis, period 3, Jan 1999

First lecture: January 15 1999, at 13:15 in Room 1537, Nada, Osquars Backe 2.

Preliminary schedule: Lectures will be on Fridays 13:15-15:00, in weeks 2 to 10, i.e., ending March 12. Some sessions will be scheduled on Fridays 10:15-12:00.

Jan 15: First Lecture: Overwiev and administration, presentation of participants
Jan 22: Second Lecture: Reasoning with uncertainty: Frameworks, History of Bayesian methods, Cox result on the inevitability of Bayesian analysis, models, priors, posteriors. Decision methods based on utility functions.
Jan 29: Third Lecture: Occams principle in Bayesianism, AIC/BIC, Decision theory and dependence structure in tabular data, analyzed with Dirichlet distributions.
Feb 5: Fourth Lecture: Causality, confounders and segmentation. Visualization. Checking modelling assumptions, detecting interesting structure, Brushing, Tour and Projection Pursuit. Demo of Xgobi in half-classes in my room.
Febr 12: No lecture
Febr 19: Roland Orre: Detecting harmful side effects in drugs. Markov Chain Monte Carlo, applications
Febr 26: Danny Roobaert: Vapniks methods of statistical learning
March 5: Stefan Zemke, time series and financial application
Akis Laftsidis : Business applications KDD and DM,
March 12: NO LECTURE!!
March 19 at 15:15(change of time!!)
Johan Schubert,Datafusion: Teori och Praktik:
Staffan Ulfberg: Stochastic Complexity
Summing up the course.

A suitable preparation is to think over what material you would like to present in class, and what type of project you would like to do in the course.