2D5331 Computer support for the writing process

Preliminary schedule.

30/8 Introduction

Overview of the course. The nature of writing. Research traditions in the study of writing.

6/9 Cognitive models of writing

Writing subprocesses. The problem-solving character of writing. Writing strategies.

27/9 Methods of observing the writing process

Think-aloud methodology, logging, video-recording, retrospective interviews.

4/10 Computer-based vs. paper-based writing

The word processor as a writing medium. Impact of word-processing on planning and revising.

18/10 Cognitive-based writing environments

NoteCards. Writing Environment, Writer's Assistant. Storyspace. Designer's Notepad.

25/10 Design of computer support for planning

Outlining; brainstorming;idea processing.

Task & individual differences.

1/11 Design of computer support for reviewing and revising

Overview problems.

Proofreading support.

Revision and history tools.

8/11 Interactive reading environments

Hypertext as a medium for reading and writing.

Browsers for various purposes.The World Wide Web.

15/11 Tools for writing as a cooperative activity

Models for cooperation. Coordination in various stages of writing. Taxonomy of cooperation tools.

Exercises: (preliminary!)

1. Self-report on writing habits (questionnaire).

2. Think-aloud methods.

3. Logging methods.

4. Evaluation of a planning tool.

5. Evaluation of a proofreading tool.

6. Evaluation of a tool for collaborative writing.