Individual assignment

Select an area of writing of your own choice, and write an essay of 8-10 pages about the role of the computer as a writing medium in this specific area.

The essay should include a theoretical discussion that shows that you have both read and understood the literature of the course, and read some additional literature relevant for your task. It should also contain an empirical (e.g. observational) part, discussing how the writing process interacts with the computer medium in some cases that you have observed.

The "special area" of writing can be either of the following:

1) a specific genre or context for writing, with its own demands and tools (e.g. news journalism, or children's writing)

2) the use of a specific kind of tool for writing, within a selected user group (e.g. pocket computers, or planning tools)

3) you can also choose an alternative theoretical perspective of writing, and discuss its implications for aspects of the computer as a medium (e.g activity theory).