Exercise 4: Evaluation of a language checker for the Swedish language

Though grammar checking tools for the English language have been commercially available for some time now, it is not until recently that the first commercial grammar checker for Swedish has emerged with MSWord version 2000. The grammar checker that has been developed by Lingsoft, is integrated with the spell checker as has the English version been for years. Another tool for checking grammar has been developed here at Nada. An experimental version of this is available on the web. There is also a version under development that is to be integrated with a text editor.

The purpose of this exercise is to test these tools. As the exercise will also be the experimental part of the studies Annika and Ola will do as their projects, the test will be in the form of a think aloud exercise.

You will be given a text that is known to have some errors both spelling errors and grammatical ones. You will be asked to perform language checking in some different ways and you will be prompted to comment on the performance of the grammar checker both from a linguistic point of view and from an interface point of view.

After the experiment you will be requested to comment on how you normally use the linguistic tools when you are writing. You will be asked to fill in a questionnaire with mostly multiple choice questions and some descriptive questions.

The estimated time for the experiment and the questionnaire is 2 hours. Because the preparations for the test are part of the course for Annika and Ola the tests will be done in the last weeks of November and the first week of December. Book the time with us as soon as possible.