Exercise 1: Computer support for the writing process

1. Discuss the following statements with reference to your own experience of writing.

a. "Writing can make us see things in new ways".

b. "The writing process partly happens when we do something else."

c. "Writing is rewriting".

d. (St Martin's, page 16) "no matter what the technology - the quill pen or the computer word processor - writing will always remain essentially the same, and effort to discover what you want to say by trying to say it".

2. When the best ideas occur, we may not have any tools available. What do you do then?

Do you think computers are a help or an obstacle in this respect?

3. Some people do not want to write anything until they have made a plan for the whole essay. Others start writing in order to discover what they want to say. Which one of these descriptions is closest to your writing strategy?

4. Some writing programs have functions which help you to organize material or ideas. Have you used such programs or functions? In which ways have they helped you?