2D5331 Computer support for the writing process, 5 poäng

Graduate course (5 credits)


Kerstin Severinson Eklundh, NADA/IPLab

Goal of the course


Knowledge corresponding to a basic course in Human-Computer Interaction is desirable. Previous background in cognitive psychology and linguistics is an advantage.

Course contents

Research traditions in the study of writing. Cognitive models of the writing process. Observation methods. The impact of computers on the writing process. Cognitive-based computer writing environments. Design issues in computer support for planning, reviewing and proofreading. Interactive reading environments. Models for collaborative writing.


Seminars will run approximately once a week from September to January. The last part (November-January) consists of seminars in which the participants present assignments within a specially selected area.


A collection of articles will be distributed. In addition, the participants are expected to search for and distribute certain literature within their special area.


Active participation in seminars and lectures. A written summary of certain literature. Obligatory exercises and a completed individual assignment.

Current version of the course

Previous versions of the course: Fall 1995

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