Computational Electromagnetics, first mandatory task

FD-TD exercise

The aim of this exercise is to acquaint the student with the so called FD-TD method for the Maxwell equations, see Computational Electrodynamics: The Finite-Difference Time-Domain Method, second edition, A. Taflove and S. Hagness, Artech House 2000 and is intended to represent one credit, i.e. a full weeks work. It has been created for this course and all the necessary material needed is found in the course notes or on the home page of the course

In Assignment 4.5 you need a geometry defined through the indexes of Ez to be put to zero. These indices are given as a vector of (i,j)-pairs in the Matlab variable Ez_ind found in the Matlab file geom_1.m .

You may also define a geometry of your own for Assignment 4.5 by using the Matlab file create_geom.m .

Version 1.1 of the manuscript in postscript format.
Version 1.1 of the manuscript in pdf format.

There are no significant differences between this version and the first version.

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