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School of
Computer Science
and Communication

Grading spring 2006

For the course element LAB1 you must have completed the labs.
For the course element ÍVN you must have completed the programming project.
If you
  • completed all labs and the project it is possible to get a 5. The quality of the completed programming project decides the grade, but
  • If you skip one lab your grade may not exceed 4.5 (but an excellent programming project may round the grade upwards ...)
  • If you skip 2 labs your grade can not exceed 4
  • If there are optional tasks in alb and you completed them, then you may skip some mandatory task at that specific lab as the optional ones are harder.
  • Summing up: To be sure to get a 5 - complete everything and make sure your project is really good. For grade 3 it is sufficient to complete 3 labs + a pass on the project.

There will be more!

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Updated 2006-01-24