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Information about Basic Internet Programming, spring 2006

This course is held during period 3, spring 2006.
Course repsonsible is Serafim Dahl.
The course starts mon, jan 23, 2006 at 10:15 in lecture room Q2.
You will need an account on the CSC computer systems and access to lab rooms at level 4, specifically lab room "Yellow". If you don't have an account and/or access card at CSC, you have better contact people at the student help desk 'Delfi', bottom floor at Osquars Backe 2.

Note that these pages will be updated often during the course.
In the table below you can see the time of change for each page.

Start pageJan 24, 2006 NewsMar 04, 2006
RegisteringJan 24, 2006 StaffJan 25, 2006
Course LiteratureJan 24, 2006 ScheduleMar 02, 2006
GradingJan 24, 2006 LabsMar 04, 2006
ProjectFeb 21, 2006 Opinions?Mar 04, 2006

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Updated 2006-01-24