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Course description 1997/98

2D1970 Object Oriented Database Systems

KTH credits5Lectures48
Grading, KTHU, 3, 4, 5Lab work-
Compulsory for-OtherIndividual work
Elective forD, FPeriods4


Serafim Dahl, +46 - 8 - 790 6276,


Advanced course in computer science focusing object oriented database systems.


The goals of the course are to give the students - problems concerning relational databases

- extensions of the relational model, especially nested relational systems

- theoretical foundations for the nested relational model

- object oriented databases—concepts and problems

- persistent programming

- object oriented databases—semantic modelling

- object oriented databases—meta programming

- long and short transactions, concurrent problems

- version handling

- prototypes and interfaces for object oriented database handling

- representation of knowledge in object oriented database systems

- modelling methods for object oriented databases

- existing commercial and experimental object oriented database handling systems

- distributed object oriented database handling systems

so that they will


Refreshing, extension and formalization of basic concepts in object oriented programming and relational databases. Classes, objects, inheritance, polymorphism, encapsulation, static and dynamic binding, message sending, relational mathematics, normal forms.

Handling of non-normalized structures. Extensions and generalizations of the relational model and the corresponding mathematics, modelling.

Object management systems. Concepts and problems.

Persistent programming. Methods and systems.

Object database management systems. Modelling, meta programming, transactions, garbage collection, query handling.

Prototypes and user interfaces.

Problems related to temporal and spatial aspects.

Existing systems. An overview of commercial as well as academic systems.


One of the courses 2I1100 Information Systems and Databases and 2D1334 Database Technology or the equivalent and a course on object oriented program construction, e.g. 2D1357 or 2D1358.


Please discuss with the instructor.


A written examination (TEN1; 2 cr.).
Laboratory assignments (LAB1; 3 cr.).

Course material

Reading list available at the department. In 96/97: C. Delobel et al.: Databases: from relational to object oriented systems, Thomson, 1995 and material produced at the department was used.

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