2D1260, Finita elementmetoden, 4 poäng

The goal of this course is to give basic knowledge of the theory and practice of the finite element method and its application to the partial differential equations of physics and mechanics. The purpose is to give a balanced combination of theroetical and practical skills. The theoretical part is mainly concerned with estimating the discretization error and how to use error estimates to adaptively refine the mesh (see pictures above). The practical part deals with computer implementation: element matrices, assembly, numerical integration, fast solvers, etc.

In this course we will study:

Present course round: period 2 97/98

Course leader: Peter Hansbo

Here you will find an overview of the material covered, schedules, etc.

Formal course description

Computer assignment: a postscript file describing the assignment can be found here. Some helpful Matlab-files are: readquad.m, refine.m, triangulate.m, and plotmesh.m. A sample mesh is: xcoor, ycoor, nodes, and bnode.
Theory that may appear on the written exam are here (in Swedish) or here (in English)
Problem types with examples can be found here.

Course analysis for last year is here, and the course evaluation is here.

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