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Current information on 2D1921, Numeriska metoder, fortsättningskurs F

Latest news

The course starts Monday 4/9 at 12.15 with a lecture in room F34. Last minute changes and recent information can also be found in the course news group.

News that has previously been showed under this heading is collected here.



The textbook and supplementary material should be read in parallel to the lectures in the course. Lectures and assignments cover only part of the course material.


Dahlquist,Björck: Numerical Methods, Prentice Hall (1974, 4th printing or later), referred to as DBA. Reading instructions are available.

Course material

The material above is sold at NADAs student office for *** kr. Handouts during the course are also available at the student office.

Contact hours

12 + 18 Mixed Lectures and Problem solving sessions.

Registration for the course

Everybody who wants to attend the course must register for it. You may do this on any of the NADA Unix computers with the command

res checkin

Register as soon as possible!

Computer Assignments

Three computer assignments are compulsory. Two are relatively small applications of material covered in the lectures on linear algebra, approximation, non-linear systems of equations and numerical solution of differential equations. One is a study of a somewhat larger problem in the area of numerical solution of differential equations. If you have a problem of your own you are most welcome to suggest it as one of your assignments.


During the course 9 sets of homework assignments will be distributed. To get credit for an assignment you must submit it for grading no later than its due date. These assignments are not compulsory, but they are recommended as a splendid way of learning the material of the course. The total number of credit points for homework assignments (P) is translated into equivalent exam credit points (E) according to the following rule

 E = the smaller of  10 P/Pmax  and  8  
     where  Pmax is approximately 135

To pass the exam you need approximately 22 points and the total number of points on the exam is 50. Homework credit points can be used for one year. Solutions to homework assignments can be delivered in the bookcase outside student office no later than 17.00 on the date that is assigned to the problem. At 17.00 the doors of NADA are locked.

Credit points

When you are logged in to our computers you can check how many homework credit points you have amassed so far, and how many of the computer assignments that you have got credit for. Use the command

res show


The exam consists of two parts: a theoretical part where no books or other aid is permitted, a problem solving part where ``everything'' except solutions of old exams is allowed.

NADAs computer labs

The student union card allows you entrance to the computer labs at all hours of the day, but the labs are often booked daytime for other courses. Do

help tider

to find out about booked hours.

General help personel is available in the computer labs on level 4 certain hours every weekday during the semesters.

Directory for the course

The course has a directory on the Unix computers: /info/fkf. On this directory you will find text files, skeletons of programs, programs etc related to the course.

Computer at home

If you have a computer and a modem at home you can connect to Nadas computers from home. Information about this is found here (in Swedish).

Student evaluation of the course

Since this course will be given to many students during several years we are grateful for your evaluation of the course. A computer assisted evaluation will be undertaken. You can also state your opinions directly to your teachers.

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