2D1921, Numeriska metoder, fortsättningskurs F, 5 poäng

This is the last time the course is given. It will be replaced by Tillämpade numeriska metoder II, 6p which will be given period 3-4 95/96 for the first time.
The aim of the course is knowledge of use, analysis and implementation of advanced numerical methods for problemsolving in the areas: Numerical linear and non-linear algebra. Parameterestimation in linear and nonlinear models. Approximation. Problems involving ordinary and partial differential equations.
Sample keywords: Sparse matrices, factorizations, eigensystems, singular values, projections. Orthogonal functions, FFT. Local and global errors, stability, stiff differential equations, MOL, parabolic and hyperbolic PDEs.
Latest news The lectures on Fridays week 36--41 have been moved to Wednesdays 8-10. The due dates for the assignments remain unchanged. The assignments should be delivered to the box in the bookcase outside the student expedition at NADA no later than 17.00 on those Fridays. Look at times, lectures and assignments for further information.

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Fall 1995.

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Current issue of the course: period 1-2, 95/96

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