2D1491 IP-routing in Internet and Other Complex Networks 5 p, 2006

Welcome to course 2D1491 "IP-routing in Internet and Other Complex Networks". We hope you will find this course intresting, rewarding and fun. All course-related news will be published on this homepage.

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Course Coordinator
Name: Roland Elverljung
Mail: rolle -at-
Phone:  08-790 65 60, 070-244 65 14
Also involved in this course
Name: Malin Carlson
Mail: malin -at-
Phone:  08-790 65 14
Name: Olof Hagsand
Mail: olofh -at-
Phone:  08-790 65 34


Formal prerequisites for the course is 2D1490 or equivialent, please contact the course coordinator if you did not attend 2D1490. Unix knowledge desired.

Written Exams

The time and place for the written exam is noted on the schedule.
When the written exam is corrected, the results will be placed in /info/ipro2-06.
Here are some former exams in Swedish.

Grades and main course objectives

Look at Studiehandbokstexten (swedish) or Study Handbook (english)


password same as 2D1490


The course contains 8 official workshop hours (four sessions). These workshops are mandatory, i.e. they are worth one point/credit. The student must attend at least three of the four sessions to get credit for the course.


The labs are mandatory and worth two points. To get credit for the course all of the labs must be completed during the lab sessions. If you cannot attend a lab session please contact the course coordinator well in advance.

Extra material for the labs



Valuable sources are the RFC-Editor and the RFC Search Engine

Miscellaneous links

Do you have any interesting links related to this course? Please send me an email.

Some books about BGP

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