The course contains five recitations(÷vningar) and associated homeworks.

The homeworks are mandatory (worth one credit), while the recitations are voluntary. However, we recommend that you attend the recitations.

The homework should be submitted latest at the start of each recitation.

The homework is either sent to the course instructor via email, or printed and handed to the instructor in paper form. If it is an email, the formats ascii, html or pdf are preferred. You can write in Swedish or English.

The grading of the homework is either G or U.

The homework assignment will be placed on the web well before the recitation.

Extra homework which is voluntary except for you who missed one of the other homeworks: Read the OSPF/ISIS difference draft and write a short summary on the paper: that is, the main differences between ISIS and OSPF. Deadline: next recitation 24/2 13:00.

Recitations and associated homeworks:
1 IP Intro, IP addressing Recitation 1 Recitation 1 Extra Homework 1 20/1 13:00
2 Distance-vector routing and RIP Recitation 2 Homework 2 Answers 2/2 8:00
3 Link-state routing and OSPF Recitation 3 Answer question 2 Homework 3 (updated version!) 9/2 8:00
4 Linkstate routing (2) Recitation 4 Homework 4 16/2 8:00
5 Multicast Recitation 5 Homework 5 Answer 6/3