Welcome to course 2D1490, IP Routing in Simple Computer Networks. We hope that you will find the course interesting, rewarding, and fun. In particular we have renewed all labs with brand new Juniper routers. All course-related news and information will be published on this page. Please email to the course instructor if you have any questions.

Course Objectives

After taking this course the student should have a good understanding of:

The follow-up to this course is 2D1491, these two courses in combination gives a fundamental knowledge about how the Internet works in general, and IP routing in particular.


Course coordinator: Olof Hagsand
Mail: olofh@[ sunet.se | nada.kth.se ]
Phone: 08 790 6534

Course assistant: Roland Elverljung
Mail: rolle@sunet.se
Course assistant: Malin Carlzon
Mail: malin@sunet.se


The course administration will use the res system. This course has res identifier ipro1-06


This course contains three parts. The student must pass all three parts to get full credit for the course.


Please note:

This year (2006) the course will start with a two-week introduction to basic IP networking. Next year (2007) the courses will be re-arranged so that 2D1392 Internets Protocols and Principles will be given before this course. If you have already taken 2D1392 (or similar course) you can probably skip this part of the course.

The following is a rough list of what the introduction will cover: ARP, IPv4, ICMP, TCP, UDP, some application protocols (FTP, HTTP, SMTP) and DNS.

How do I apply to this course?

If you want to apply for this course, contact your "Studievägledning". The course admission is limited to 40 students.

Olof Hagsand <olofh@nada.kth.se>
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