Latest release: June 20th 2005.

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Amundsen is a chess playing program, created by John Bergbom as a project in the course Bigger Advanced, Individual Course in Computer Science (2D1464). The program implements all chess rules except for 3-fold repetition. Amundsen is an xboard compatible engine, and can therefore use xboard to connect to ics-servers on the internet to play chess. At FICS ( the program has a rating of 2073 in lightning (< 5 minutes), 1743 in blitz (< 15 min), and 1960 in standard (>= 15 min). (These rating numbers were in effect on June 20th 2005.)

I started writing this program in the spring of year 2002. Then no work was done for a long time, and then in the summer of year 2003 I started it up again. Then I rewrote almost every single line of the code. First writing this program, I used Swedish for output and code comments. I'm moving to English, but there is still a little bit of Swedish left in the code. A name change took place between version 0.25 and 0.3. The reason was that when the program started playing at FICS, the name jonte was taken already.

Do you want to read the project report? ps / pdf (in Swedish)

Version history:

The code is a mess, and there is testing code all over the place. In the next version a major cleanup is planned. But if there is still somebody who is interested in what the program looks like, you are free to download it, and do whatever you want with the code. If you use the program and you like it, or if you just downloaded it and tried it out, feel free to send me an email and tell me what you thought.

The source can be downloaded here:

John Bergbom
20 June 2005.