Föreläsningsschema Kryptografins grunder 2D14449

A (very) preliminary plan of lectures

1. Introduction. Some classical systems for cryptography together with some cryptanalysis. The notion of security.
2-3. Basics from information theory. The notion of entropy. Provable secure cryptosystems (one time pads).
4-6. Data Encryption Standard (DES). Description and discussion of properties. Attack on limited round variants by linear and/or differential cryptanalysis.
7-8. Public key cryptography. RSA together with background in (computational) number theory. The systems by ElGamal, and maybe McEliece.
9-10 Digital signatures. Basic properties and systems (RSA, ElGamal and maybe Schnorr and DSS). Signatures offering additional features.
11. Cryptographically strong hash functions. Properties and examples, both practical (MD4) and theoretical based on intractability assumptions (discrete logarithms).
12. Key distribution. Diffie-Hellman, Kerberos.
13. Pseudo-random generators. Properties and examples, both practical and bases on intractability assumptions (Blum-Micali).
14-15. Formal connections to complexity theory. Zero-knowledge proofs, probabilistic encryption.

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