Föreläsningsschema Kryptografins grunder 2D14449

A (very) preliminary plan of lectures

1-2. Introduction. Some classical systems for cryptography together with some cryptanalysis. The notion of security.
3-4. Basics from information theory. The notion of entropy. Provable secure cryptosystems (one time pads).
5-7. Data Encryption Standard (DES). Description and discussion of properties. Attack on limited round variants by linear and/or differential cryptanalysis.
8-10. Public key cryptography. RSA together with background in (computational) number theory. The systems by ElGamal, and maybe McEliece.
11-12 Digital signatures. Basic properties and systems (RSA, ElGamal and maybe Schnorr and DSS). Signatures offering additional features.
13-14 Cryptographically strong hash functions. Properties and examples, both practical (MD4) and theoretical based on intractability assumptions (discrete logarithms).
15. Key distribution. Diffie-Hellman, Kerberos.
16-17. Pseudo-random generators. Properties and examples, both practical and bases on intractability assumptions (Blum-Micali). Probabilistic encryption.
18. Formal connections to complexity theory.

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