Foundations of Cryptography 2000

The lectures are now over. Here you find a short description of what happened at the given lectures.


Note that some homework will be available electronically, while other are not. The dates refer to the first date the handouts were given out.
20/3 Matui: The first experimental cryptanalysis of the Date Encryption Standard. (no electronic version)
20/3 Matui: Linear Cryptanalysis method for DES cipher. (no electronic version)
24/3 Description of Rijndael encryption. Rijndael.pdf
24/3 Description of MARS encryption. Mars.pdf
27/3 Timing Attacks on Implementations of Diffie-Hellman, RSA, DSS and Other Systems. (no electronic version)
4/4 A description of Secure Hash Algorithm (SHA). (no electronic version)


The course requirement will be to complete 3 sets of homework problems that will be handed out at the end of weeks 12, 14 and 15. All sets are now available as well as a set of rules for doing the homeworks.

Rules for homework ps pdf

Homework 1 ps pdf

Files used in homework 1. gskriv gskriv2 gskrivmod.f unknown des/esel des/ip des/p des/pc1 des/pc2 des/s1 des/s2 des/s3 des/s4 des/s5 des/s6 des/s7 des/s8

A short description of the G-schreiber.

A couple of examples of DES-encryptions.

The code the fastest DES program done by Fredrik Lööw. The file psbox.h needed or the program gen_sbox.c used to generate it. It encrypted a million block in slightly below 4 seconds giving the time .38s per 100000 blocks.

Homework 2 ps pdf

Files used in homework 2. e N

A short description why a small decryption exponent is bad in RSA. Available also in pdf.

Homework 3 ps pdf

Files used in homework 3. ser1 ser2 ser3 ser4 ser5


Johan Håstad was responsible for most aspects of this course. Staffan Ulfberg helped in grading some of the homeworks.

Course book

We use use the same book as last year. "D.R.Stinson: Cryptography; Theory and Practice", CRC-Press, ISBN 0-8493-8521-0. A list of misprints is located here for printings 1,2 and 3 and here for fourth and later printings.

Course evaluation

The course has been evaluated with ACE. Here is the result. Partly based on this evaluation Johan Håstad has compiled a course-analysis. Both these two documents are in Swedish.
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