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period 3 03/04


We have now terminated the course evaluations. Here you can find the result and also a short course analysis. Both are in Swedish.

A short not on pseudorandom generators is now published as this was covered poorly in the course book. This short note essentially covers the lecture given.


Johan Håstad, is responsible for all aspects of this course. Rafael Pass will help grading homework, and there might be some guest lecture(s).

Checking in

Log unto a unix computer at nada and give the following two commands

res checkin krypto04
course join krypto04

If you do not do this your results cannot be reported and you will miss vital information related to the course.



The homework sets are supposed to be challenging, and even getting a passing grade (the grade 3) will require some effort. Keep in mind however that you do not have to solve all the problems to get a good grade. The idea is that it is better to solve some of the problems well than to solve all the problems partially, and solutions will be graded with this in mind.

Please note the rules that apply to the homework. Be sure to read both the homework rules and the code of honours before you start working on the problems!

Course book

"William Stallings: Cryptography and Network Security", Prentice Hall.

As an alternative, there is "Menezes et al.: Handbook of applied cryptography". This book is available electronicly. Visit its homepage. Study the copyright notice. Note that, regardless of the copyright notice, you may not use a printer at KTH to print out a copy of this book.


No plan apart from the course syllabus is available at this point.


 F 8-10 v 4-6   E3 
 F on 15-17 v 4-9   E3 
 F fr 13-15 v 4-9   E2 


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