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2D1440, Avancerade algoritmer


This course is taught and managed by Johan Håstad, I have no specific office hours. Make an appointment by email or telephone 08-790 62 89.

Course material

There will be a set of course notes sold at "Nadas studentexpediton". The cost will be 100 Swedish crowns. People who need to get an electronic version of the course notes should contact the lecturer. These notes should be enough to follow the course. For a more detailed and polished account we recommend the book "Introduction to Algorithms" by Cormen, Leiserson and Rivest. For the interested student we also recommend a more advanced book, covering a slightly different set of problems. This book is "The Design and Analysis of Algorithms" by Kozen. Both these books are available at Teknologbutiken.

We have handed out of notes on the linear programming lectures.

Johnny Bigert has produced an example of how to use the number field sieve for factoring.


The course requirement was to complete the 3 homework sets found below.




Course analysis

The answers on the course evaluation so far has been compiled. There is also a course analysis with some facts and some opinions of Johan Håstad.
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