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Course description 1997/98

2D1430 Artificial Neural Networks and Neural Physiology

KTH credits6Lectures48
Grading, KTHU, 3, 4, 5Lab work12
Compulsory for-OtherIndividual work
Elective forD, E, FPeriods3-4


Anders Lansner, +46 - 8 - 790 6210,


Advanced course in computer science focusing on neural networks and neural physiology.


The goal of the course is to give the students so that they will be able to


How the neurons are constructed and function. Synaptic transmission and plasticity. The functional organization of the neural system. Modeling and simulation of real neural networks. The most well known ANN-architectures and algorithms for learning. Methods for unsupervised learning. Principles for neural network representation. Hardware architectures for neural computations (neural chips and neural computers). Examples of technical applications of ANN in areas like pattern recognition, combinatoric optimization, diagnosis, and robotics.


The mandatory courses in mathematics, numerical analysis and computer science or the equivalent.


Please discuss with the instructor.


A written examination (TEN1; 5 cr.).
Laboratory assignments (LAB1; 1 cr.).

Course material

Reading list available at the department. In 96/97: H. Reichert: Introduction to neurobiology, Georg Thieme Verlag, 1992 and S. Haykin: Neural networks - A comprehensive foundation, Macmillan College Publ, Co, NY, 1994.

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