Movies from the 2D1426/DD2426 Robotics course up to 2006

Entire competition of May 2006 in xvid avi format (63 minutes, 630M).

All movies below except for the last are in DivX format.

Entire competition (almost :-( ) of May 2005 (64 minutes, 671M).

Entire competition of May 2004 (75 minutes, 787M).

Entire competition of October 2003 (77 minutes): half resolution (280 MB) and full resolution (668 MB).

May 2003. (Entire competition; 84min/244MB) (mirrored here).

2002. (Entire competition; 81min/340MB)

2001. (Only the final; 5:30/50MB) (mirrored here).

1998. Some video material from the 1998 competition was cut into a highly entertaining ten minute movie by Peter Lönnebring
(who was also one of the two constructors of the winning robot, "Pucko"). It can now finally be downloaded here!
The format is Windows Media (.wmv) and the size about 70 MB.

All the robots

Pages with pictures of and reports about the robots from different years: 2005, per 1 2003, per 4 2003, 2002, 2001, 2000, and 1999.

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