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Competition Results and Robot Reports period 4 2006

Below are the results of the robot competition held in May 2006 as part of the examination of the Robotics and Autonomous Systems course at KTH. Click the small pictures for larger jpegs. For each robot you will soon also be able to view the project report written by its construcors. The reports will be in PDF format.

...and don't miss the movies att the bottom of the page.

The Winner


'Swedish Orient Bröd' project report

Made by
Karl-Johan Andersson
Joakim Lövkvist
Pontus Olsson
David Persson

Second place


'Robinho' project report

Made by
Niklas Kullberg
Rikard Laxhammar
Niklas Westerlund
Johan Westman

Third place

Robo Romo

'Robo Romo' project report

Made by
Alexander Ekvall
Jonas Frogvall
Sebastian Geidenstam
John Lindholm

Shared fourth place


'Coeus' project report, 900 kB double speed video, 14 MB video

Made by
Anders Engman
Fredrik Kånge
Per Rosengren
Marcus Rådestad


'Chuck' project report

Made by
Andreas Berglund
Stefan Dagnell
Johan Risén
Ragnar Rova


'Lenna' project report

Made by
Niklas Bergström
Johan Linde
Andreas Lundblad
David Wennström

Shared seventh place


'1337!!1' project report

Made by
Erik Hartwig
Behrang Masoumi
Daniel Norberg
Mathilde Nord


'Röbi' project report

Made by
Dilhan Balage
Daniel Bueb
Ronney Meier
Han Wu


'WheelChair' project report

Made by
Fazlul Hoque
Jie Luo
Maryamossadat Nematollahi Mahani
Sabine Pol

Older robots

Pages similar to this one exist for per 4 2005, per 1 2003, per 4 2003, 2002, 2001, 2000, and 1999.


Entire competition of May 2006 in xvid avi format (63 minutes, 630M).

All movies below are in DivX format. The codec can be downloaded from (be sure to get the free one without ads).

Entire competition (almost :-( ) of May 2005 (64 minutes, 671M).

Entire competition of May 2004 (75 minutes, 787M).

Entire competition of October 2003 (77 minutes): half resolution (280 MB) and full resolution (668 MB).

May 2003. (Entire competition; 84min/244MB) (mirrored here).

2002. (Entire competition; 81min/340MB)

2001. (Only the final; 5:30/50MB) (mirrored here).

Some video material from the 1998 competition was cut into a highly entertaining ten minute movie by Peter Lönnebring (who was also one of the two constructors of the winning robot, "Pucko"). It can now finally be downloaded here! The format is Windows Media (.wmv).

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