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Competition Results and Robot Reports 2002

Below are the results of the robot competition held in May 2002 as part of the examination of the Robotics and Autonomous Systems course at KTH. Click the small pictures for larger (~1 MB) jpegs. For each robot you can also view the project report written by its construcors. The reports are in PDF format.

The Winner


'Nätagget' (Swedish for 'The Power Supply') project report

Made by
Per Alexius
Hampus Edvardsson
Linus Ericson

Second place


'J.A.J.' project report

Made by
John Hallmén
Andreas Hedström
Jonatan Fernstad

Third place


'Terminator' project report

Made by
Emil Birgersson
Nils Lagerkvist
Staffan Ekvall

Fourth place


'Krutov' project report

Made by
Niklas Hallenfur
Anders Jörgensen
Niclas Roxhed

Shared fifth place


'LadyBug' project report

Made by
Aurora Hafström
Peter Strömbäck
Jimmy Robertsson


'Jaws' project report

Made by
Erik Joelsson
Stefan Nyström
Fredrik Sjögren


'V3.2' project report

Made by
Carl Barck-Holst
Oskar Linde
Robin Pan

Not in the competition


'Markov' project report

Made by
Johannes Hjorth
Magnus Jacobson
Kristofer Hallén

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