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Competition Results and Robot Reports 2001

Below are the results of the robot competition held in May 2001 as part of the examination of the Robotics and Autonomous Systems course at KTH. For each robot you can also view the project report written by its construcors if you click its picture.

The Winner


'Kakmonstret' (Swedish for 'The Cookie Monster')

Made by
Karl Danielsson
Gunnar Elvers
Björn Jacobsson

Second place

The Slider

'The Slider'

Made by
Fredrik Bengtsson
Petter Flodström
Michael Roterman

Shared third place

Killer Q

'Killer Q'

Made by
Torbjörn Frisk
Mattias Rådeskog
Tobias Wahlström



Made by
Alex Wennström
Jonas Myrberg
Anton Falk

Shared fifth place

The Beetle

'The Beetle'

Made by
Henrik Edefur
John Folkesson
Jesper Bruzelius

The Black Knight

'The Black Knight'

Made by
Johan Stålnacke
Robert Malmström
Jan Lindberg



Made by
Niklas Johansson
Daniel Neiberg
Jonas Svennebring

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