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Competition Results and Robot Reports

This page holds pictures of the robots built within RAS 2000. You will also find links to pdf versions of the reports written on each of them (you need Acrobat Reader to view them).

The Winner


'Hink' (Swedish for 'bucket')

Made by
Andreas Berndt
Johnny Bigert
Marcus Marcusson

Project Report on Hink.

Second place

'JAS' (Jakt Attack Score)

'JAS' (Jakt Attack Score)

Made by
Filip Larsson
Rickard Westberg
Anders Åberg

Shared third place

'Ad Hoc'

'Ad Hoc'

Made by
Hannes Heijkenskjöld
Martin Kalén
Stefan Malmesjö

Project Report on Ad Hoc.

Aggro Tank

'Aggro Tank'

Made by
Håkan Englund
Lars Forsberg
Magnus Melander

Project Report on Aggro Tank.

Robots not in the competition



Made by
Mattias Dahlberg
Alex Olwal
Magnus Uhlin

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