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Click here to see a movie from RAS '99 (883 k .mpg)

Current information on 2D1426, Robotics and Autonomous Systems, per 4 2005

Latest News (in reverse chronological order)

August exam

A second exam will be given Fri 26 August at 09-12. Venue TBD.

Exam with solutions

Exam from May '05

New and improved competition movie

Here is the new coarsely cut version with synced audio and smaller filesize (671M). This one is in DivX format (www.divx.com).

Competition results

...with pictures, and soon project reports and a better video.

Competition movie

A completely uncut version that has only been converted from DV to XviD format, and that has some problems with audio sync, is not here anymore. Mind its size though, as it is close to 1 GB. If you need a codec for windows, look here.

Course evaluation

Thanks to everybody who filled in the form! The result will soon be posted here.

Part make and number

The motors we used were Faulhaber/Minimotor 2224006SR with gear head 22/2K 17.2:1 and encoder EI2-16. This info is useful for the reports.

Report guidelines and project bonus

Details on the report requirements and points awarded for the project work are here.

The exam

The exam will be in K1 9.00-12.00 Thu 26 May.

The football competition winner

This year's soccer champion is Robbe! Robbe, the winner

Robot pictures

...can be found here.
ras0, ras1, ras2, ras3, ras4, ras5, ras6, ras7, ras8, ras9.

Eyecam pictures with and without white balance correction

eyecam picture eyecam picture eyecam picture eyecam picture

Lecture slides as PDF

Lecture 1, Lecture 2, Lecture 3, Lecture 4, Lecture 5 and Lecture 6.

Project part 1 and Project part 2. Note that these two lectures are not required for the exam.

Exam and robot competition dates

The exam will be 26 May before lunch.
The competition will be held in the afternoon Fri 20 May in D1.

Exam and robot competition dates

...will be determined at the second robot project lecture.

Updated lecture schedule

Robot project 1 .... Wed 20 Apr 13-15 Q35

Robot project 2 .... Tue 26 Apr 15-17 E31
Kinematics ........... Wed 27 Apr 15-17 Q2

Sensing ................. Tue 3 May 13-15 Q35

Navigation ............ Wed 11 May 15-17 E2
AI ......................... Fri 13 May 13-15 E3

The second lecture

Tuesday 12 April 09-11 in V32.

The first lecture

...will take place Wednesday 6 April 16-18 in Q2. The rest of the schedule will be determined at the second half of this lecture.

Course litterature

The course book will be
R. Siegwart, I. R. Nourbakhsh: Introduction to Autonomous Mobile Robots, MIT Press 2004, ISBN 0-262-19502-X

Student selection

The selection has been made, and the results have been e-mailed to all applicants.

Lecture schedule

This course is not centrally scheduled, but instead we determine the schedule together at the first lecture, so that it will suit everybody as well as possible. Time and venue for the first lecture will be communicated through e-mail and this web page.

Other information

Concise course description per 4 2004 (kurs-PM), as PDF

Note that there will be some changes compared to 2004, both to the lectures and the project. We will no longer use a PIC microcontroller to control the robots, but instead a Motorola 68332-based robot controller board with a colour camera.

See also the web page of per 4 '04

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