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Click here to see a movie from RAS '99 (883 k .mpg)

Current information on 2D1426, Robotics and Autonomous Systems, per 4 2004

Latest News (in reverse chronological order)

RAS2004 the Movie

DivX format (www.divx.com) 75 min 787 MB.

Course evaluation

Thanks for the answers.

The exams and project reports have now been corrected

Results have been e-mailed to all students.

Exam venue

L51 (10-13 Fri 28 May).

Project report deadline

23:59:59 Tue 1 June.

Exam date

10-13 Fri 28 May in L51.

Robot competition

The RAS robot competition will be held at Tekniska Muséet at two o'clock Wednesday 19 May.

Lecture L3 as PDF

The given C code in a password protected zip file.

Lecture schedule

Lectures L2-L8 will be in D33 at 15-17 Mondays 22/3, 29/3, 26/4 and 3/5, and in E34 at 15-17 Wednesdays 24/3, 31/3 and 28/4.

Movies from October 2003

Movies from the October competition are now on-line on the competition results page.

Robot reports and pictures from October 2003

Find them here. Especially the results and conclusions are very useful reading.

The first lecture

...will take place Tuesday March 16 at 16.15-18.00 in D41. A schedule for the remaining seven lectures will be deterimined during the second half of this lecture (beginning about 17.15). All accepted students should have received an e-mail about this (sent mostly to u1xppz123e@kth.se-like addresses).

Other information

Concise course description per 4 2004 (kurs-PM), as PDF

See also the web page of per 4 '03

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