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Click here to see a movie from RAS '99 (883 k .mpg)

Current information on 2D1426, Robotics and Autonomous Systems, per 4 2006

Latest News (in reverse chronological order)

August exam

The exam will be Friday 25 August at 13-16.

Course evaluation

Go to course evaluation form (in Swedish)


Comments on all submitted reports have been e-mailed to the authors. Please make corrections and resubmit.

Competition movie

The movie is now on the competition results page.

Exam with solutions


Competition results

...and the winner is... Swedish Orient Bröd!!! For complete results, go to this page.


The exam will be Mon 29 May at 9-12 in E1.

Robot competition in E1

E1 has now been booked for the robot competition Wednesday 31 May at 14-17.

Eyecam pictures

Two pictures (from the two different eyebots) with only flourescent lights (those in the ceiling of the lab). The colours have been linearly corrected so that: r[20,240] --> r[0,255]; g[20,200] --> g[0,255]; b[16-144] --> b[0-255]. Take a look at the pictures (click them for the original ppm's) using Gimp, 400% zoom, and the colour picker tool, and you will notice all target colours (blue, yellow, red, purple, green) are distinguishable from the pixel values. (I used this code to transfer the full frame images faster.)

eyecam picture eyecam picture

Change in lecture schedule

The last lecture will be moved from 20 April to 26 April at 10 o'clock in H1.

Competition date

The competition date was until now only in the lecture 1 pdf (last page). It will be

Wednesday 31 May at 14-17 in E1.

Determining the exam time

If you are a student of the course, please answer the following question.
Click here to go to the exam time question.

Some useful datasheets

Datasheets etc for motors and their gears, cameras and camera chips, and for the microcontroller are here.

Lecture slides as PDF

Lecture 1 Lecture 2 Lecture 3 Lecture 4 Lecture 5

Project lecture A Project lecture B

Note that the project lectures are not required for the exam.

Lecture schedule

Wed 22 Mar 10-12 Q34

Thu 23 Mar 10-12 D3

Mon 27 Mar 10-12 Q2

Thu 30 Mar 10-12 E3

Mon 3 Apr 10-12 E2

Thu 6 Apr 15-17 Q2

Wed 26 Apr 10-12 H1

The first lecture

will take place Mon 20 March 10-12 in H1.

Determining the course schedule

If you have been accepted for the course, please answer the these questions about your preferred schedule.
Click here to go to the schedule poll.

Student selection

The selection has been made, and the results have been e-mailed to all applicants.

Last year's exam with solutions

Exam from May '05

Competition movie

Here is the competition movie from May '05 (671M DivX format).

Competition results '05

...with pictures, project reports and a more videos.

Other information

Lecture schedule

This course is not centrally scheduled, but instead we determine the schedule by a poll before the first lecture, so that it will suit everybody as well as possible. Time and venue for the first lecture will be communicated through e-mail and this web page.

Course litterature

The course book will be
R. Siegwart, I. R. Nourbakhsh: Introduction to Autonomous Mobile Robots, MIT Press 2004, ISBN 0-262-19502-X

Robot controller hardware

We use the same Motorola 68332-based robot controller board with colour camera that was used 2005.

See also the web page of period 4 '05

where you among other things can find all the lectures as they were given last year.

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