Lab schedule 2D1420 Datorseende, grundkurs (period 3 03/04)

There are 3 compulsory and one voluntary lab.
To receive the extra points for these, the following are the deadline dates:
Lab Deadline
1 27 jan 2004 (or earlier)
2 10 feb 2004 (or earlier)
3 25 feb 2004 (or earlier)
4 30 april 2004 (or earlier)
The following are the dates and rooms when you can get the help from TAs or present your work.
Week Date Day Time Room
7 09/2 Monday 8-12 Grön
7 10/2 Tuesday 8-10 Orange
7 10/2 Tuesday 13-15 Orange
8 16/2 Monday 8-10 Brown
8 18/2 Wednesday 13-15 Red
9 23/2 Monday 8-10 Brown
9 24/2 Tuesday 13-17 Orange
9 25/2 Wednesday 13-15 Orange
11 08/3 Monday 10-12 Red

Be well prepared. You can book the time with the command "bok" and for a certain slot you can book only the first available time.

Booking scheme for Nadas computer rooms can be found here.


If you need some help with the labs, you can talk to the TAs as scheduled above. In the extreme cases, you can send an email to TAs or the lecturer.

It has happened before that some students needed more help than others - to those, we suggest to talk to TAs during those weeks which are not "redovisningsveckor".

We will not ba able to take all "labredovisningar" on the deadline date - therefore, do it on time. In addition, those students that have booked the time beforehand will be helped first.

How to book time for presenting your labs?

We use the program called bok for thie purpose. You can book the time on NADAs UNIX machines by typing

bok new dsgk04

and following the instructions. You can only book the first available time for a certain slot. You also have to be registered for the course to be able to do this (see the course page for more info on this - you will have to wait at least one day for this to get active).

After you have booked the time, you can see the result by using

bok show dsgk04

To remove the booking, you use

bok remove dsgk04

If you work in pair, you only have to book one time.

OBS! Do not wait until the deadline to present the labs!

Bonuspoäng - Extra points

Extra points for the exam are the following
Antal laborationer klara i tid Bonuspoäng
1 1
2 3
3 5
4 7
This points are valid for the regular exam and first "omtentamenstillfället".

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