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Lab 3 Synchronous writing collaboration with Aspects

Introduction 6/2 - Week 6-7 2002
Henrry Rodriguez
To experience participation in a joint writing task, using a synchronous collaborative writing tool.
Basic familiarity with the Apple Macintosh environment.
Aspects 1.7, developed by Grouplogic for the Macintosh.


The lab assignment is carried out in groups of 2-4 students. We meet in the sixth floor in the same block where the lectures take place, room 1642 . Then I will take you to the room where you will work (in the same building). You have to come to NADA because Aspects, the program that we will used, runs in a LAN. Also it has a license.

Monday 11 Feb.
10:00    Carl-Johan Z. + Rickard N.
15:00    (Niklas B. + Erik H.) and (Fredrik W. + Michael Z.)
Tuesday 12 Feb.
10:00    (Erik L. + Klas W.) and (Martin B. + Sara E.)
15:00     Silvia M. + Clara E.
Wednesday 13 Feb.
10:00 (Chirster  T. + Andreas R. + Magnus L.)  and (Katarina S. + Alex  K.)

Conclusions and way of reporting

After the writing session, you will get a questionnaire to fill out about your experiences during the writing session. This will count as your lab report, along with the document produced by your group.

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